SILVERMINE 11 SR, Sports Racer

Standard features:

  • Numbered chassis with certificate, maximum 5 of the same type will be built
  • Chassis, equipment, systems and body designed in 3-D CAD
  • Aluminium / Nomex® honeycomb central frame
  • Supercharged 3-litre 6 cylinder engine, 325 bhp
  • Ceramic coated exhaust system
  • Sequential 5 or 6-speed gearbox, with oil cooler
  • Limited slip differential
  • Central locking aluminium wheels 8.5" x 17" front, 9.0" x 17" rear
  • Track-day tyres 235/40-17 front, 255/40-17 rear
  • Adjustable suspension, different spring rates available
  • Adjustable race dampers
  • Race type brakes, 4-piston front, 2-piston rear
  • Race type brake pads
  • Driver-adjustable brake balance
  • Brake cooling
  • Adjustable anti-roll bars
  • Choice of left or right hand steering, different steering ratios available
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • FIA approved fuel safety cells, electric fuel pump
  • Adjustable race seats with 6-point safety harnesses, choice of seat width
  • Carbon fibre body with hinged front and rear sections
  • Aerodynamic package with splitter, flat floor & adjustable rear wing
  • Front lights Xenon (high beam), tail lights LED
  • Fixed fire fighting installation
  • High-end ECU and power distribution module
  • Closed-loop knock control
  • Dash display & data logger, with g-force sensors


  • Set of four wheels with semi-slick race tyres, dimensions as above
  • Manual hand brake
  • Set of four air jacks, custom made
  • Low/high beam front lights
  • Exhaust system with catalysts and silencers, Lambda control
  • Launch control
  • Video camera & video logging
  • Waterproof, non-scratch car cover
  • Low profile car trailer, open or closed, with winch

Price on request
Delivery time: approx. six months, depending on running orders